April 21, 2021
Tohatsu 140hp high-power outboard engines

Bringing in a new breeze

We are pleased to announce the development of the "MFS140A", which further maximizes the potential of the "MFS75/90/100/115A", which has been highly acclaimed in the market since its launch in 2020. "The 4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust" delivers best-in-class torque - displacement ratio for more powerful acceleration and top-end speed. You will have new ways to enjoy valuable time with your loved ones on the water with our newest addition to our model line-up, MFS140A.

Tohatsu 140hp high-power outboard engines

What the new engines bring you.

1. Outstanding Torque.
Provided by 4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust system, the industry first technology, MFS140A creates an exhilarating acceleration that you can only experience with Tohatsu.

Tohatsu 140hp high-power outboard engines

2. Superior Durability & Speed, Acceleration & Fuel efficiency.
All new 4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust contributes to performance characteristics such as Top End Speed, Acceleration, Fuel Efficiency.

Tohatsu 140hp high-power outboard engines

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