Tohatsu Gauges

A variety of Tohatsu gauges are available; Hour Meters, Speedometers, Tilt/Trim Gauges, Analog and LCD Tachometers all available in standard style and 'premium' with chrome bezel and colour options. Also available are TOCS gauges 'Tohatsu Onboard Communications System'.

Please refer to your dealer for a list of which gauges are suitable and compatible with your outboard.

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Tohatsu TOCS

TOCS(Tohatsu onboard communication system) is a communication network that integrates the electrical devices within the boat.

Multi-Function Tachometer

The TOCS Digital Tachometer features large lighted buttons, chrome bezel,?fog and scratch resistant coating , plug & play connectors and is LED back-lit for easy viewing at night/dusk. ?A user-friendly, intuitive design makes the menu easy to navigate. The TOCS multi-function tachometer connects to the CAN bus and communicates directly with the engine's ECU. Engine data, fault codes and alarms are displayed on the LCD display (TLDI & MFS models only) and are visible even in direct sunlight. Tohatsu TOCS

Fits a standard 3.375 inch (85mm) instrument dash hole, which makes this tachometer the perfect drop-in replacement for your current tachometer.

In addition to showing the outboard's RPM's the gauge also features:?
  • Tilt/Trim Gauge (optional harness needed for MFS/TLDI models, part # 3KY725730M)
  • Engine Operating Temperature
  • Engine Overheat Warning
  • Engine Battery Voltage
  • Low Battery Voltage Warning
  • Over Rev. Warning
  • Engine Safety Governor Mode Warning
  • Fuel Flow Rate
  • Multiple Fuel Tank Levels
  • Total Engine Hours
  • Lanyard Not Installed Warning (not available on TLDI)
  • Low Oil Pressure Warning (TLDI displays Low Oil Level Warning)
  • Oil Change/Scheduled Maintenance Notice (not available on TLDI)
  • Charging System Indicator Warning (BFT models only)
  • Water-In-Fuel Warning (BFT models only)

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